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I offer a free, virtual consultation for you to learn more about my coaching (or group facilitation and training work) and to actually work on an issue that's important to you. The session is an hour long and there's no obligation.

If you decide you're interested in a coaching relationship and I decide the same, I'll design a program that's personalized to your growth and context. I'm currently enrolling select new clients, but if my availability becomes lower I'll invite you to join a waitlist.

Note that my programs are both expensive and intensive. Much of our time will be spent in challenging more of you to "show up" to the conversation. We'll explore areas that are less familiar to you and less comfortable to you, all in service of your deeper growth. Please review more about me and my coaching approach before inquiring.

Note also that I do a very limited amount career transition work these days. If you're searching for a new professional focus, I invite you to download my 50-page, 5-day workbook, Navigating Career Change.

Thanks for reaching out!

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I look forward to meeting you! Use the links here and below to stay in touch on Twitter, follow me on Instagram, connect on LinkedIn, and read more of my articles on Medium.

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