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Leveraging the Compass360 Leadership Assessment Tool

Do you want to get a clearer view of your strengths and growth edges as a leader? Are you looking for a starting point for your personal and professional growth, as well as a baseline to measure your progress on what matters?

The Compass360 offers a comprehensive, holistic view of your leadership, taking into account both your own self-assessment and the input of others. This isn't your normal, off-the-shelf assessment. This is a high-touch approach backed by research to give you a crystal-clear window into your growth opportunities. This is a data-driven starting point for your own personal development roadmap.

If you're interested in learning more about either the Compass360 or how to leverage the assessment in a coaching program, reach out here, noting your interest in Compass360 specifically. If you already have a password to fill out a Compass360 for yourself or a leader, you can find the assessment tool here.

Compass360: Text
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The final Compass360 output is an entry point into deeper awareness and growth. It offers nine key insights, including how you rate yourself, how others rate you, the variance and range, complementary traits, shadow traits (potential "superpowers"), and more.


The Compass360 assesses leadership in four domains, separating intrinsics from behaviors and task-oriented versus team-oriented styles. This structure offers immediate awareness on leadership strengths and gaps, a data-driven entry point into coaching and growth work, and a baseline to measure change and progress.

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Compass360 is built on primary and secondary research, calibrated by real-world input. To execute the Compass360, the process begins with identifying at least 10 respondents, launching the online survey, and finally conducting targeted one-on-one interviews to round out feedback and deepen relevant themes.

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