I hope you enjoy reading some of my articles below. Themes range from personal growth to leadership lessons to business frameworks, but all are based in what I've learned over the years and what I learn with my clients each week.

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On Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

The idea of “impostor syndrome” is something I talk about a lot with my clients. It’s this notion that, no matter what we say or what we do, we’ll soon be called out as a fraud. No matter how good we are, we’re not good enough, and it’s only a matter of time before we’re found out. It’s a common phenomenon, especially in leaders who are perfectionists or high-achievers, with some estimates suggesting that around 70% of these leaders will experience impostor syndrome at some p

A 60-Second Breathing Technique to Calm Way, Way Down

There’s a beautifully simple, yet powerful breathing technique I want to talk about called the 4x4 breath. Chances are you’ve come across it. There are a lot of names for the same thing. Box breathing, square breathing, four-count breathing, tactical breathing, four-kata breath. The Navy SEALs get a lot of credit for developing this, but as ex-Army I’ll never admit it. How did one breathing technique get so much attention? I mean, I breathe every day, what’s the fuss? Well, e

Be a Master People Developer with This One Question

How do we develop your people, our most important assets? How do we know that we’re growing them in the best possible way? Where are we giving them opportunities to stretch and be stretched? Whenever my coaching conversations turn to people development, I’m always curious about their tactics. How do my clients know the right approach to take with a given individual? Is it the same approach, just personalized? Or is it always the same approach? When it comes to growing people,

12 Daily Habits to Help You Take Control of Your Life

Three years ago I was working 90-odd hours a week and in the process of finalizing my divorce. I was drinking every night and feeling at my lowest ever. I was fundamentally out of balance and really had nobody to blame but myself. I hadn’t tried to sabotage my life, I hadn’t meant to be so oblivious to what I was doing. But I was. It was startling to realize just how little I knew about myself. Balance in life is actually about control. Not control in the “I need to make sure

A Stoic’s Guide to Owning Your Feelings

“Naming what you feel means claiming what’s real” I’m not writing this because I’m a guru at understanding my feelings. I’m writing because I’m crap at it. And because I’m crap at it, I’m always working hard to make it better. I want to improve my emotional awareness because I believe it’s really important. Identifying your emotions is the first step in making empowered choices. And it’s from this awareness that you become an owner of your journey, not a victim of circumstanc